Photos from the summer adventures

Here are some photos from our summer trip to Alaska.  Beautiful country up there, and well worth the trip. 

First shot is of a late afternoon sun on Mendenhall Lake, with the Glacier in the background.


Mendenhall Glacier and Lake with the late afternoon sun.

Next is a shot if a glacier (not sure which one) coming off of the Juneau Icefield, as viewed from the Inside Passage.

Juneau Icefield Glacier

View of a glacier from the inside passage

 A shot of some waterfalls coming down the walls of Tracey Arm Fjord, falling an estimated 1500-2000 feet from top of the wall to the ocean.

Fjord Waterfalls

Waterfalls falling into Tracey Arm Fjord

Enough boring scenery?  Ok how about a close up shot of a juvenile eagle, seen along a hiking trail near Ketchikan.

Juvenile Eagle

Juvenile Eagle perched in an old sawmill. Ketchikan, AK

And now back to your regularly scheduled scenery shots… another Tracey Arm Fjord shot, and a night shot of the Victoria, BC capital building.

Cool Rocks

Tracey Arm Fjord Rock Formation

Victoria Capital

Capital Building of Victoria BC at night

I hope you like them, they were fun to take and I’ll share more as time permits.


New Photos

Here are a few photos from over the sumer that I just got around to posting.

Cascades Waterfall


Another photo I liked

Taken at Cannon Beach Oregon in January.

Cannon Beach Waterfall

Cannon Beach Waterfall