Photos from the summer adventures

Here are some photos from our summer trip to Alaska.  Beautiful country up there, and well worth the trip. 

First shot is of a late afternoon sun on Mendenhall Lake, with the Glacier in the background.


Mendenhall Glacier and Lake with the late afternoon sun.

Next is a shot if a glacier (not sure which one) coming off of the Juneau Icefield, as viewed from the Inside Passage.

Juneau Icefield Glacier

View of a glacier from the inside passage

 A shot of some waterfalls coming down the walls of Tracey Arm Fjord, falling an estimated 1500-2000 feet from top of the wall to the ocean.

Fjord Waterfalls

Waterfalls falling into Tracey Arm Fjord

Enough boring scenery?  Ok how about a close up shot of a juvenile eagle, seen along a hiking trail near Ketchikan.

Juvenile Eagle

Juvenile Eagle perched in an old sawmill. Ketchikan, AK

And now back to your regularly scheduled scenery shots… another Tracey Arm Fjord shot, and a night shot of the Victoria, BC capital building.

Cool Rocks

Tracey Arm Fjord Rock Formation

Victoria Capital

Capital Building of Victoria BC at night

I hope you like them, they were fun to take and I’ll share more as time permits.


Some new pics from the Zoo

Just a quick post on some new pictures taken at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA. 

Tree Shrews

"Got Nuts?"

These are Northern Tree Shrews, and getting them to stand still long enough for a in-focus shot was a challenge.


Pink Doesn't Stink

Just a shot of the Flamingo Exhibit in the Zoo, but I liked the colors.

A few new photos

I managed to get some photos recently of the local Tulips in La Conner, WA.  So here they are:
Tulip Field

La Conner Tulips


Tulip Colors

New Photos

Here are a few photos from over the sumer that I just got around to posting.

Cascades Waterfall


My Photo Shortlisted on

An organization named Schamp decided they liked one of my photos and have put it on a short list of photos to represent Woodland Park Zoo in their updated guide.  For those that can’t wait, here is the photo:

Golden Lion Tamarind

Golden Lion Tamarind

UPDATE: The photo was selected for inclusion.  You can see the final entry on Schmap along with the other included photos here.
EDIT: ok the Picture misalignment finally bugged me so much I fixed it. 🙂

Another Photo Post

I swear I’ll get back to posting text and opinions soon. I know that’s what you’re here for… 🙂

In the mean time I’ve posted more photos from a recent trip to Woodland Park Zoo where I took some shots of various animals. Here are a few of my favorites.

The ocelots had a baby on 23Sep08 and this is a shot of nap time.

Napping Ocelot

Napping Ocelot

Pete the Gorilla

Pete the Gorilla

This is Pete the gorilla enjoying(?) his snack of vegetables.  I hope you like them and if you want, visit my Flickr Page to view the ones I liked enough to post. 🙂

Another photo I liked

Taken at Cannon Beach Oregon in January.

Cannon Beach Waterfall

Cannon Beach Waterfall