Not much else to say on the Cowboys

Peter King said it in his post.  I have been saying it since early on.  The loss to the Jaguars was embarassing, not because of the loss per se, but because the team played defeated and lack luster.  It was over a few weeks ago and now it’s time to put us all out of the misey of watching Wade Phillips fail over and over with a team of talented players.

That’s all I’ve got today on this topic without it degenerating into a rant.

On a brighter note the Pittsburgh Steelers looked weak on Sunday night, showing that even strong well disciplined teams do have bad days.  If the right coaching and leadership shows up for the Cowboys, this should-be-good team can likely play out of embarassment and strive to at least save face if not the season by winning some remaining games.

2 Responses to “Not much else to say on the Cowboys”

  1. Joan Shea Says:

    ‘On a brighter note the Pittsburgh Steelers looked weak…” Indeed the Steelers looked weak on Sunday night against the Saints, however I fail to see how this is a bright spot. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a well disciplined, strong football organization that merely had a bad night. Look for the Steelers to continue to be near the top of the Power Rankings and progress to the playoffs with homefield advantage.

  2. xdos Says:

    The bright spot for the cowboys is that even a team like the Steelers have bad nights, so the season isn’t a pure embarassment IF they can pull it together. They can come back to beat the Giants in a few weeks, and face their tougher scheduled opponents IF they play to their potential, not their current, level. Other teams aren’t going to lay down, but they might have bad nights, or come unprepared and get surprised. Heck I’d be surprised at this point if they win. Anything.

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