Is it going to be 2011 for the Cowboys….

Ok once again I’m here to post a lament about the Dallas Cowboys.  They had a chance at redemption of their season, fighting for that same honor against the Vikings who needed this just about as much for the same reason.  They didn’t pull it off.  It’s sad to think that when the season started the ‘Boys looked to be playing for top spots, and now this early in the season we look to see them fighting for a hope that their season isn’t over.  Let’s face it.  Unless they can change their discipline, it is.  Over, done, gone

Despite being a fan, I found this video a good way to describe what has happened to them up to this point.  The music is appropriate and I just have to say I’d rather laugh and walk it off than cry. 

Jenkins is getting called for Pass Interference way too much and that has to stop.  Player error, yes, but coaching error for letting it continue week over week.  The offensive line was much maligned in the press, and the run game as well, but despite the loss and some truths to the commentary, the run worked (nice work on short 3rd Down conversions) yet they came up short.  Miles Austin with a Pass Interference call that took away a touchdown?  WTF?  Player error, yes, coaching error if it is allowed to continue.  Unfortunately we know that Wade Phillip’s job is safe so he doesn’t have to change, even if he takes the team to the bottom and stays there.  Management error incarnate.

And for the record, any stat geeks and fantasy fanatics that want to quote stats, great, have fun.

After four games, Tony Romo is on pace to complete 476 passes on 696 attempts for 5,384 yards with 28 TDs and 20 interceptions. The attempts, completions, and yards would each established an NFL record. Here are the current NFL marks in those three categories:

Completions: 440 (Drew Brees, Saints, 2007)

Attempts: 691 (Drew Bledsoe, Patriots, 1994)

Yards: 5,084 (Dan Marino, Dolphins, 1984)

Miles Austin is likewise on pace to shatter some team records. If he remained on course, he would have 124 receptions for 1896 yards. The yardage mark would break Jerry Rice’s record of 1,848 set in 1995 with the 49ers. The reception mark would trail Marvin Harrison’s 143 catches in 2002 with the Colts, but Austin’s number would be the second-most in league history.

But the only stat that counts is the W and the team simply isn’t getting it done.  If not now, when will we see the potential on the team?  Maybe in 2011 after a few draft picks and the team watches the next Superbowl from the luxury boxes?

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