Practice performance improves Cowboys performance

First I must say I’m glad the ‘Boys won before their bye week.  Nice to know they weren’t going into a bye at 0-3, but being at the bottom of a close division isn’t where I thought they’d be.  In fact it’s by the records of others alone that they are still in it.  Now granted the path ahead looks a bit smoother, but given the weak start there really is no room for error moving forward.

What stands out is this quote found in USA Today:

The big theme around this team is quality practices.

They were deemed missing after their 0-2 start. So Phillips changed things up to get more work done in less time. The result was a strong all-around performance in a victory over Houston. That was followed by a week of practices that linebacker Keith Brooking (FSY) called “better than any practice we had all year, and it was in our bye week, when we were game-planning a little bit for the Titans but obviously we were still a week and half away from playing them.”

 Ok, really?  We practiced weakly so we sucked when we played, but now we are focused and ready?  Coaching Fail.  Period.  Not ready for the season opener, coaching fail, especially if the practices were weak or poorly operated.  Another quote from Phillips (Same article as source):

When Phillips spoke to the team Monday morning, he pointed out that everyone in the division has two losses. When he spoke to reporters, Phillips downplayed the division and conference races.

“Ultimately, it’s what we do from now on,” he said. “We’ve won one in a row. We’re going for two, that’s where we’re going.”

Asked how they get there, Phillips returned to the theme that how you practice is how you’ll play.

“We’re going to try to get an even better attitude, better preparation and go forward,” Phillips said. “The will to prepare is just as important as the will to win. That’s the message. We found that out.”

 Wow, they just found this out?  Something a management trainee in any Fortune 500 company knows and every sports team talks to since pee-wee league?  They JUST got that?  Hmmm.  Let’s hope the lesson sticks and they don’t forget the other important lessons that seem basic.   Maybe I’ll send Wade Phillips a copy of Art of War as mentioned in a previous post.

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