Can the Cowboys get some coaching please?

Update 9-22:  Another loss this last week to the Bears.  Now granted the Bears played well, but still one of those games we should’ve won.  Coaches need to coach and provide leadership and discipline as needed.  Lacking on the Cowboys now and in serious need of correction.  Romo had good stats despite a 2 INT (the game wasn’t televised in this area so can’t comment on the situations for each) and the kicker had a bad kick but overall the ball moved.  Four words for the offense:  Finish Red Zone Drives.

Original 9-13:

OK not much to say except that the ‘Boys start was much less than impressive.  Granted my usual complaint about Romo being inconsistent or the offense being ineffective are not generally applicable, and my usual praise for their defense continues (wishing DeMarcus Ware a quick recovery from what appeared at first to be a serious injury).  Rather two specific points jump off the week one performance that are points I’ve talked about and thought about in the past.

The Cowboys have some bad coaching. 

Letting the most penalized player in the NFL play (Alex Barron), especially when he nullifies the game winning throw and also costs several positive plays in momentum changing ways is just bad coaching.  Period.  SI seems to agree (at least Peter King does).  Even if he’s the only guy you have that can play that position, that comes down to coaching.  Let’s not forget that they until recently had Flozell Adams, the second most penalized player in the NFL, in addition to the “leader” in that field, Barron.  Stupid.  For an offense that struggles with consistency, letting undisciplined players commit penalties and take away the gains your offense gets is purely dumb, and certainly coaching error.  Every manager knows the impact of letting poor performers ruin the gains of the rest of the team.  Time for Phillips and crew to step up and coach or step out and let someone who knows how in.

And what about the play that ultimately cost them the game?  A pitch with over 50 yards to go and 4 secs on the clock?  Was it “let my 3 year old call plays” day on the Cowboys sideline?  Why not take the knee and go into the half without risking a silly mistake, which was ultimately made.  Talk about ruining a momentum moment, along with the fact that the Cowboys were going to kick off in the second half for another Redskins possession. 

This one was a test, and the Cowboys players have some room to work; some did good, others not so much and a notorious one did terrible.  However the inconsistency and lack of discipline in varous areas simply points to coaching being the fail in this game.  Sure it’s only one game, but against a division rival, and a bad way to start a season.

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