Air Marshals not so effective…

So I’ve posted about the ineffectiveness of anti-terrorism measures before, but this is truly rediculous.  More air marshals are arrested than they have made arrests?  That’s a truly WTF moment if I have ever heard of one.  Of course security isn’t always easy, and even doesn’t always work even if the idea is good, but this is bit over the top.

 Thanks to Bruce Schneier and his blog for the link and comments.  Also a note to say that I do understand the deterrant effect of the program, I just think that the trouble here outweighs the benefit.

UPDATE:  It looks like the No-Fly List is being reviewed for improvements.  This process could be effective, but really isn’t, largely for the same reasons that security is hard, and often doesn’t work.  The bad guys have the advantage of not following rules; like not using their own names, having aliases, identity theft, etc.  Then this situation is compounded by the politics not allowing anyone to be removed easily for fear of “letting one go”.  Rediculous, because the lists become so large and unmanagable that you might not catch the guy until it is nearly too late. If at all.


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