So they don’t have 60…

I’m sure we have all heard (or soon will) that the Republicans won in Mass. and got Ted Kennedy’s old seat.  That takes the Senate dems to less than 60 seats and introduces a new dynamic into the process.  Or does it…

CNN speculates on the impact, but let me ask a question.  Since when does not having 60 mean you can’t get things done?  Sure I know things will get even more partisan, even more stupid, and even less effective since now the GOP, who has been very set on being obstructionist, has more ability to do so, but really can’t the Dems figure their way out of this paper bag and get stuff done anyway?  Are the Republicans so effective at media and message that the dems can’t show when they are being obstructions vs. just disagreeing.  Can they even tell the difference?

Maybe they don’t really agree as much as they thought.  Or maybe, just maybe, they lack real leadership that can take a few shots when needed and is willing to risk some political capital to get things done.  I don’t know politics, but it’s never seemed to be a gentle affair, but playing every side to compromise isn’t going to get the job done on health care.  The people need it, but the money of the lobbyists won’t relent.  It’s time for something risky and good for the country instead of something not risky to a person’s career.

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