Once more into the breach…

Ok as if there wasn’t enough to think about when flying on vacation to Mexico with Swine Flu and Drug Cartel Violence, I’m actually categorizing the possible US Customs and TSA experience right up with those things. Why you may ask?

Because I value my personal freedom, and I don’t think these guys get it.  They seem to (knowingly or unknowingly) be supporting the slow slide into a police state, and frankly doing a poor job of it at that.  Stories of outright theft in the TSA ranks and others talk about how the senior TSA officials don’t consider Fingerprints private data lead me to believe that this ungoverned police presence is being abused or at least not directed to support the Constitutional rights we all are supposed to have.  Where is my protection from unreasonable seach and seizure?  Why is information that can be used to identify me not be considered mine, or even private?

These guys have it wrong, and there is little chance of a change in the process.  We all know politicians can’t be seen as weakening anything that might come back to haunt them, even if it’s illegal, unconstitutional, and ethically challenged.  And now to top it all off, the company that was trying to make avoiding TSA possible goes out of business, and there is doubt they can assure that the data they gathered about their clients will be kept safe.

So let’s cut to the chase.  TSA isn’t in the security business, at least not adding much if any airline security.  They are in the job security business for themselves and the politicians that need something to say they are acting against further terrorism (tell that to Dr Tiller).  They do have rules and process, but they are often not doing what they were intended to do.

At least in Norway they have a real threat to worry about and still manage to keep the populace safe.


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