Undersea cables, hmmm

Ok, so undersea cables are having issues.  So while I find the incidents highly suspicious, given the timing of a variety of things, I certainly still believe this is a purely coincidental.  So far it has all the makings of some really great conspiracy theories and Hollywood can let the writers strike for a few more weeks out of the “truth is stranger than fiction” stuff that is bound to circulate around this one.  (For those keeping score I’m not a huge labor union person, but I think the Writers in this one are right and I support their strike, from my limited view on it)

I’m not going to dive too deeply (pun only slightly intended) into the topic of undersea cables, but it is sure to strike up the flames of thoeries and counter theories for a while yet to come.  If you have a chance read the comments in the thread linked (nod to Bruce Schneier again for the blog post linked above).

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